A Closer Look at Google's New Mobile Gaming Platform

BlackBerry's new mobile platform - BlackBerry Playbook, offers users a chance to play mobile games on the go. BlackBerry's Playbook tablet runs on the open-source Android OS and provides access to thousands of games across a number of genres. Just as with Apple's iPhone and iPad, users have the ability to play their favorite mobile games while they travel, attending meetings, and anywhere else they are. The integration of the BlackBerry Playbook allows users to browse through a variety of media, connect with their social networks, and make calls all from their tablet. In this article, we'll take a look at how consumers can take advantage of this innovative mobile gaming platform offered by the gamemine.

The ability to play mobile games while traveling is one of the biggest advantages of the BlackBerry Playbook. Consumers will be able to take their Playbook wherever they go and enjoy hundreds of mobile games, including the ones that they have been waiting to play on other mobile devices. While there are many rumors about the possibility of the Playbook becoming an alternate Windows Phone, it already has many of the features and functions of the newer smartphones. Users can use their smartphones to surf the web, check their email, and even use the camera to take photos or videos. However, some of the most innovative and unique applications on the Playbook were developed specifically for the portable device and not on a desktop computer. See page for more info about mobile gaming. 

As previously announced, Google plans to charge the Canadian company thirty-five percent less in monthly royalty fees in an effort to help mitigate costs associated with developing new apps for the Playbook. This is the first time that Google has taken such an interest in the gaming sector and intends to benefit its users by offering lower prices and more apps in an effort to attract more mobile gamers. The Playbook will support Google's own app store, which will allow users to find games based on a specific category or topic. These apps will provide users with more personalized entertainment than they are used to finding on smartphones. In the past, smartphone users were able to quickly settle on one particular game, but mobile gamers are constantly looking for new games to play based on their interests.

Google also plans to expand its efforts into the mobile play market. Though it does not yet have plans to develop specific applications specific to the tablet, it is planning to launch several programs that will bring several online games to Android devices. It will join the ID Analytics program that is currently being used by several manufacturers to track the performance of their devices against specific standards set by the organization. The Playbook will also be able to access Google's own location service, which will allow it to pinpoint users within a specific geographical location. The integration of this service with the Playbook will help it become more useful in terms of accessing the location of specific users and in tracking their browsing activities.

Google has received a significant funding round of funding from several different sources in the past year and will be using this money to fund the development of the new Playbook. Part of the funding round was invested in acquiring the mobile gaming platform Z Venture. Other investors include IDG Networks, venture capitalists and several Chinese companies. This financing round is just the first step in the plans to transform the Playbook into an all-in-one device capable of running both Android and Apple applications. No other specifics have been announced by Google or Apple as of now.

No doubt the new mobile game device will introduce many new opportunities for gamers and will provide a significant increase in revenue for Google and Apple. However, the exact nature of these opportunities will vary depending on the type of games that will be developed for the in-app platform. One of the biggest benefits of the new in-app platform is the easy development and monetization of apps. Developers only need to create an optimized and highly optimized game to run on the mobile gaming platform. Mobile game players will only need their devices and wireless connectivity to play games. It also enables companies to leverage their brands and develop an interactive digital media experience that will appeal to a wide variety of users. Explor emore about video games here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game
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